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by Mwwhited 1. February 2014 01:43
So… It’s been a while since I last updated this blog.  But, I decided it’s about time to round up a few of my crazy ideas and publish my adventures. Anyway, I am working on a home automation solution and I want it to the brains of my entire house.  I am going to integrate, hack, code and just plan bend various technologies to my will in the hopes of having full control over my domain.  To start with I am going to write a central processor/nerve center based on ... [More]

Fires back

by Mwwhited 20. April 2009 23:04
While looking at someone that attacked another of my posts I found this survey on his blog. I figured to be fair to him and his fellow Linux fanboys I would complete the same survey. (Also after responding to him I read more of his blog to find… while he is almost twice my age and attacking my reputation I have been using Linux longer than him… go figure) Since when are you a Linux user? Freshman Year… so 1996 Was it difficult to do your first install? Not really, Slack... [More]

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Windows Home Server: 6 months later

by Mwwhited 20. April 2009 23:04
Back in 1998 to 2000 I ran Slackware Linux as my primary operating system on my home computer. This was my access to the internet, web development and just plain programming for 2 years. I did have the system configured to dual boot with Windows 98 for the occasions when I wanted to play games (WINE and all that other stuff was just [and still is] crap). After 2000 I decided that I was don’t with the dual boot thing I and setup a full home network using Linux as my file and internet se... [More]

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Windows Backwards Compatibility

by Mwwhited 20. April 2009 23:04
I hear people whine and complain every time a new version of Windows comes out. The number one complaint is always, “Microsoft sucks!!! My applications no longer work.” Being a software developer I have a little insight on how the world of computing works. And I have to admit… a long time ago I used to be one of those people that would complain. A few years ago I started to realize how difficult code maintenance can be on my relatively small applications. And it got me thinking... [More]

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MySQL versus MS SQL and SQL Express

by Mwwhited 20. April 2009 23:04
Is there any real use for the piece of trash known as MySQL. In my adventures working with MySQL lately, I have seen the bottom of crap. I can hardly believe that I (or anyone else for that matter) considered MySQL an "Enterprise" class database. No groups, no roles, horrible ADO and ODBC connectors. Honestly... If you want to save a few dollars go get SQL Express from Microsoft. As I have said before I have recently become a huge fan of Microsoft. While everyone complains that the... [More]

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