The Good, The Bad, and the DAMN that code is ugly!!!

by Mwwhited 18. June 2009 01:06
  In the sprit of playing with a string chop question on stackoverflow… I somehow got myself into the middle of some fun code profiling.  So this is a report of the code and results. (this is related to a previous most I made as well Charted Short String Results Person Version Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Str SB J Str SB J ... [More]

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Do the .Net Chop (Chop a string at a fixed length and insert line feeds)

by Mwwhited 17. June 2009 23:06
In coming across this question on StackOverflow I  inspired to write my own version for the question.  I started to think about using a List<string> but decided to create sized array up front.  My version was taking longer than I hoped (mainly because I kept refreshing the site) but I did create a version that used string.Join and Array.Copy.  Wanting to compare the speed differences between a few of the answers I put together this little test of code. (as a side note... [More]

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