Some people just arn't right in the head...

by Mwwhited 19. June 2009 11:06
While not as bad as calculating PI in BF this LINQ statement is pretty impressive. Being able to define a full ray tracer in a single, complex, fuctional, recursive statement is very interesting. Ray Tracing in LINQ

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Reflective XML Serializer with Recursion Detection

by Mwwhited 7. June 2009 11:06
Not being able to serialize Anonymous Types with the build in XmlSerializer was kind of a bummer for me, so I created this set of extension methods. Another feature I added at recursion detection based on the .GetHasCode() to prevent recursive object graphs from causing stack overflows. It's ugly... but it works... I was going for a proof of concept so I'm happy for now. -Enjoy, Matt using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Xml.Lin... [More]

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What happens when a geek is waiting on Windows Update and finds that strings don't support XOR in .Net?

by Mwwhited 29. April 2009 02:04
Using this struct you may implicitly cast string's or char[]'s to "MyString" and it has one current overridden operator... and that would be XOR. Also wanting an insane excuse to play with unsafe code I decided to do it with pointers. It’s may not be the most graceful code in the world… but hey quick and dirty is just as fun. public struct MyString { public MyString(string value) { _value = value.ToCharArray(); } public MyString(char[] v... [More]

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WOW... some people are INSANE!!!!

by Mwwhited 29. April 2009 00:04
Okay... calculating PI can be crazy enough. But to do it in BF... that's just insane. The guy that wrote this deserves a gold star and a metal.

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