ALU up close and personal

by Mwwhited 30. January 2011 13:22
The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) in your computer is a major component of you CPU (Central Processing Unit).  The ALU is where most Logic and Mathematical decisions are made inside of your computer.  Here is an example of an ALU based on a simple 4 bit design.  (This is the minimal design for a ALU.  All math and logic functions could be processed in one or more steps based on this design.) Logic gates and detection circuits This ALU is composed of several logic functions ... [More]

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GateSim and pure geekiness…

by Mwwhited 30. January 2011 11:06
Okay so I found this great little logic simulator called GateSim.  It works great and the best part is it .Net and WPF… that means easy and fun to extend.  I have started a custom device for it that I call a MemoryBus.  It just allows you to store memory for your circuit design.  More importantly I was able to use this program to layout a 4bit calculator… okay so it’s a little too geeky for most people but the interesting thing is the fact it works just like a simple ALU/CPU.... [More]

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