Viva Las Vegas...

by Mwwhited 21. November 2009 15:08
Pretty fun so far.  I think I have a few good photos and I'm only down 12 bucks (while I have played several hours of blackjack.)  Walks up one side of the strip and down the other this morning... this place is pretty dead when the sun comes up :)...  Was nuts last night though... tons of people playing craps, roulette, blackjack, poker.  Most of the games currently seem like a great way to lose lots of money, but I figure that's the point. 


Socket Tunneling over WCF

by Mwwhited 13. November 2009 23:41
A few months back someone on Stack Overflow asked if it was possible to create a VPN client using WCF.  Unfortunately, while it is not possible to write a VPN client in 100% in WCF, it is possible to write a socket tunnel using WCF as the transport.  I wrote this tunneling proxy back in early 2008 as a proof of concept and it worked for most protocols.  (Pretty much anything that only used a single  socket connection that was may from the client to the server,  Kerbose a... [More]


ISO Images from .Net

by Mwwhited 1. November 2009 17:24
I put together a quick framework for reading ISO disk images from .Net.  This was written in C#.   Again it is a quick demo framework so it does not have any exception handling and should probably not be used in production code. It has been written to use any stream but really it needs to support seeking.  I would suggest only MemoryStreams and FileStreams, but you can have fun with anything you like.

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