Favorite Visual Studio Extensions

by Mwwhited 18. October 2014 09:14
  Here are a few of my favorite Visual Studio Extensions Code Contracts for .NET Markdown Mode Node.js Tools for Visual Studio Spell Checker


Mental Note for OneDrive…

by Mwwhited 1. April 2014 11:01
If you want to do an offline sync of OneDrive/SkyDrive you can run skydrive.exe /background as a task with a trigger on startup.  C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SkyDrive\SkyDrive.exe /background


Beaglebone funness…

by Mwwhited 7. February 2014 15:52
If beagleboneblacks stop responding to inbound network traffic check the amount of free storage space… last time the issue was use to the fact the local storage was full and the system was unable to write to the log files.


Home Automation

by Mwwhited 1. February 2014 01:43
So… It’s been a while since I last updated this blog.  But, I decided it’s about time to round up a few of my crazy ideas and publish my adventures. Anyway, I am working on a home automation solution and I want it to the brains of my entire house.  I am going to integrate, hack, code and just plan bend various technologies to my will in the hopes of having full control over my domain.  To start with I am going to write a central processor/nerve center based on ... [More]

ALU up close and personal

by Mwwhited 30. January 2011 13:22
The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) in your computer is a major component of you CPU (Central Processing Unit).  The ALU is where most Logic and Mathematical decisions are made inside of your computer.  Here is an example of an ALU based on a simple 4 bit design.  (This is the minimal design for a ALU.  All math and logic functions could be processed in one or more steps based on this design.) Logic gates and detection circuits This ALU is composed of several logic functions ... [More]

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Electronics | Digital Logic

GateSim and pure geekiness…

by Mwwhited 30. January 2011 11:06
Okay so I found this great little logic simulator called GateSim.  It works great and the best part is it .Net and WPF… that means easy and fun to extend.  I have started a custom device for it that I call a MemoryBus.  It just allows you to store memory for your circuit design.  More importantly I was able to use this program to layout a 4bit calculator… okay so it’s a little too geeky for most people but the interesting thing is the fact it works just like a simple ALU/CPU.... [More]

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Moving day comes...

by Mwwhited 3. September 2010 06:57
Okay, admittedly I don't post much, but I do have some news.  I have accepted a new position that is going to take me out to the east coast.  Over the next few days/weeks there might be problems with http://www.whited.us while I move my gear across the country.  If you wish you find out more about my move please feel free to ask.


Road Trip

Catch All vs. Catch Explicit…

by Mwwhited 12. May 2010 20:37
I knew I liked writing my try{} catch{} blocks to catch all exceptions instead of explicit Exceptions… but I always had a hard time explaining why.  Most of the time I would just point out that I typically write backend long life processes that must be very reliable and must avoid causing the process to fail as much as possible.  But I would like to thank Dhanji R. Prasanna from his book Dependency Injection: Design Patterns using Spring and Guice.  Giving me a great example. ... [More]


Recommended Reading List for Geeks

by Mwwhited 2. February 2010 19:56
.Net Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation .Net Framework 2.0 Web-Base Client Development Designing and Developing Web-Based Applications Using the .Net Framework Designing and Developing Enterprise Application Using the .Net Framework Introducing LINQ Windows Communication Foundation 3.5 Unleashed Windows Workflow Foundation Step by Step The C# Programming Language Expert .Net 2.0 IL Assembler The Pragmatic Programmer   (It’s been about two months... [More]


Viva Las Vegas...

by Mwwhited 21. November 2009 15:08
Pretty fun so far.  I think I have a few good photos and I'm only down 12 bucks (while I have played several hours of blackjack.)  Walks up one side of the strip and down the other this morning... this place is pretty dead when the sun comes up :)...  Was nuts last night though... tons of people playing craps, roulette, blackjack, poker.  Most of the games currently seem like a great way to lose lots of money, but I figure that's the point. 


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